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About Us

     We have over 9 years experience with amphibious-terrain vehicle Argo, in presenting and promoting it to the intervention institutions of the state, to clients who operates in areas hard to reach, sometimes impossible for another type of vehicle.
     In the hard winter of 2011-2012 seeing desperate situation that confronted residents and authorities in some areas of the country affected by heavy snowfall we decided to intervene by putting at the disposal of ISU-SMURD forces of Argo Avenger 8 x 8 vehicle model equipped with all the necessary accessories in search-and-rescue missions and of a leading specialist.
     The results were amazing: the crew was directed Buzau county where the entitys skills and capacities of the vehicle has successfully completed all the missions received consisting of saving human lives, throw in the relay, broadcasts etc., passing over any obstacle, walking on snow 3-4 m! It was the only vehicle that got anywhere was needed even in areas where no helicopter could not land.
     After this episode and of our knowledge and experience, the poor endowment that exists at this moment regradles to the specialized vehicles in operation on any type of terrain and weather we decided to promote in our country the best terrain-amphibious vehicles in the world today.

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